Policy regarding payment via Bizify.me

Certain types of products are prohibited to sell on Bizify.me. This might be because they’re prohibited by Swedish law, are not in accordance with our policy, or are not accepted for resale by some of our partners. Violations of this policy will result in the suspension of your Bizify.me account. We also reserve the right to reject approved payments if there is any reason to believe that it would contravene this policy.

Bizify.me exclusively focuses on the sale of digital products. In order to further clarify what is and isn’t allowed on the platform, we have made this list of examples of what is forbidden.

Prohibited products / services

  • Drugs, narcotics, and other unsuitable compounds
  • Escort services
  • Used underwear
  • Pharmaceuticals, medicine, and performance-enhancing supplements and health products
  • Pirated material (such as music, software, clothes, bags, and documents)
  • Betting
  • Online games where you can win money
  • Donations and memberships to racist clubs/associations or other associations that advocate hatred
  • Unofficial charity- and non-profit organisations
  • Any kind of weapon that requires a license to use or own
  • Financial services, including financial advice
  • Pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing
  • Lowest Unique Bid auctions
  • Penny Auctions
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco (such as snuff, cigarettes, and cigars)
  • All other products and services that are prohibited by Swedish law

Bizify.me must always meet all current regulatory requirements and the risk of not doing so coupled with the risk of complaints and damage to the Bizify.me brand constitutes the basis of assessments of objects permitted with certain restrictions. Bizify.me reserves the right to determine whether a user’s use of the service shall be deemed attributable to any of the above products or services and therefore contravene this policy.